Versatile Blogger

The adorable Eddie Bluelights at Silvery Linings has graciously presented me and 9 others with The Versatile Blogger Award, for which I’m very grateful and proud that Eddie thinks of me as versatile enough to include me among those he favors. Here are some things about me:

1. I’ve never broken a bone in my life (knock on wood!) and when I had a bone density test done several years ago when I was in my mid-50s, I was told I had the bones of a 25 year old. Accounting for time having passed and my rapidly approaching my 69th birthday in December, let’s assume that I now have the bones of a 35 year old. Why the hell then do these 35 year old bones ache all the time, is what I’d like to know.

2. Up until the time I was a senior in high school, I had never skipped school. About halfway through my senior year, I skipped one day for what I thought to be a very good reason… and my mother turned me in. I had to spend afternoons after school for an entire week in detention hall. Believe me, it was nothing like The Breakfast Club. Those people were truly scary!

3. When I was in junior high school, I won a literary contest at our school. My principal then selected me to represent our school at the state competition and… I came in second. I can’t remember the subject we had to write about, but I do remember being so nervous I was trembling the entire time I was writing my essay. I’m glad I didn’t let our school down and at least walked away with second place.

4. I have this odd ability of being able to identify movie stars just from hearing their voice without seeing their face… which I’m sure comes from being a huge movie buff. I’m sure I’ll find a use for this skill some day.

5. I discovered I was claustrophobic when I tried to go into the Pyramid of Cheops at the Pyramids of Giza when I first moved to Cairo. Unfortunately, it was while I was on the extremely narrow, one-way staircase leading up to the inner chamber with about 100 tourists behind me. This was no time to be polite so I just plowed my way through sweating bodies loaded down with cameras and carryalls, determined to block my escape. Once I saw daylight, the nausea and panic attack subsided but I never went into such a small, enclosed, dark space again.