A Good Deed

Talked with Daughter this afternoon and heard an interesting experience in her day. Her door bell rang and she opened the door to find a young woman, dressed in hospital scrubs, in distress. She'd had car trouble on a nearby street and needed to use a phone. Daughter scanned the area and could see nothing threatening. The woman invited her to step outside so she could show her the car. Daughter handed her cell phone to her, she made a call, and that was it. Later in the day Daughter found a rose and a note in her storm door. It was from the young woman explaining what a horrible day she had been having, that no one would open their door to her. She was thanking daughter for being so kind to her. It seems we're more and more afraid to trust people. I think that's sad. The young woman was black. I don't want to believe, I really don't want to believe that was the reason no one opened their door. It was certainly a thought provoking experience, that such a small deed had meant so much to another human being. I wonder what I would have done in that situation?

Burts Bees Almond Milk

This crème is a dear friend to my hands and nails in every season, but even more so in the winter time. I keep a jar close to my kitchen sink so it is handy when washing time comes around. I still wash my dishes by hand, and every so often I use a Brillo pad to scrub pots and pans. To keep my hands from going to pots I slather this stuff all over my hands before putting my dishwashing gloves on. By the time I am done with my dishes my hands are nice and soft. This is a heavy, emollient crème. Not really suitable to use when you are planning on using your hands freely to touch objects because it will leave a smear all over the place if you do. This is not one of those crèmes that your skin absorbs right away. This crème is best used when your hands are gloved either with dish gloves or your winter gloves. It will also work with gloves to sleep in (if you can manage to keep them on all night). You can buy it for around $8.99 at Walgreens or Walmart. It may seem like a lot of moola for a hand creme at first, but once you realize how little of it you need to get the job done your pocket (and your hands) will thank you.