A Good Deed

Talked with Daughter this afternoon and heard an interesting experience in her day. Her door bell rang and she opened the door to find a young woman, dressed in hospital scrubs, in distress. She'd had car trouble on a nearby street and needed to use a phone. Daughter scanned the area and could see nothing threatening. The woman invited her to step outside so she could show her the car. Daughter handed her cell phone to her, she made a call, and that was it. Later in the day Daughter found a rose and a note in her storm door. It was from the young woman explaining what a horrible day she had been having, that no one would open their door to her. She was thanking daughter for being so kind to her. It seems we're more and more afraid to trust people. I think that's sad. The young woman was black. I don't want to believe, I really don't want to believe that was the reason no one opened their door. It was certainly a thought provoking experience, that such a small deed had meant so much to another human being. I wonder what I would have done in that situation?

Burts Bees Almond Milk

This crème is a dear friend to my hands and nails in every season, but even more so in the winter time. I keep a jar close to my kitchen sink so it is handy when washing time comes around. I still wash my dishes by hand, and every so often I use a Brillo pad to scrub pots and pans. To keep my hands from going to pots I slather this stuff all over my hands before putting my dishwashing gloves on. By the time I am done with my dishes my hands are nice and soft. This is a heavy, emollient crème. Not really suitable to use when you are planning on using your hands freely to touch objects because it will leave a smear all over the place if you do. This is not one of those crèmes that your skin absorbs right away. This crème is best used when your hands are gloved either with dish gloves or your winter gloves. It will also work with gloves to sleep in (if you can manage to keep them on all night). You can buy it for around $8.99 at Walgreens or Walmart. It may seem like a lot of moola for a hand creme at first, but once you realize how little of it you need to get the job done your pocket (and your hands) will thank you.

Skin Wefts / Tape Extensions Continues

Some people need more than tape, alot of forums I read talked about tape and a combination of glue as the installation method, the glue being Liquid Gold. I have used Liquid Gold before and it was a pain in the arse so I wouldn't necessarily recommend that. I did find that the silicon glue strip was however a bit weak unless I blasted it with a hairdryer beforehand and then really pressed it against the hair I wanted to attach it to. You need to take your time when attaching these. The hair isn't that great. I have tried lots of hair extensions, of differing quality, and the hair I am using now is average. This is a common complaint about skin wefts, the quality is just not as high. I have ordered a different set though this from. Again I am not affiliated with them but I have read that the skin wefts they sell are of a good standard. They also work out cheaper, the only difference being that you need to cut your own strips and attach the tape yourself. There will be damage. Still, you are attaching something with glue to your hair. There will be damage and this is the trade-off that you have to keep in mind. 

However, the lightness of the wefts means that the hair isn't as strained as it could be and if you have cold feet and want to remove them, drench your hair in conditioner, let it settle for an hour and the wefts will become lose (hence why conditioner is only applied to the ends). Now I won't do a video about the installation as mine are already in and it's going to be ages before I will put in another set but out of all the videos I watched, the one below is the best. Okay, it might make you feel a little sleepy/relaxed but technique wise it's spot on and demonstrates the "sandwich" technique. Would I recommend them? So far I would say yes! In fact I would shout it from the rooftops. These are the best thing I have tried for a really long time. Of course, if you have super thick hair these will not be for you but for those of us who just want a little bit of length (up to 3-4 inches max) and who also have  a combination of fine hair and a paranoia of others being able to see our hair extensions, these are an absolute must! Let's swish!

Skin Weft / Tape Hair Extensions!

It's been over two weeks and I am still in love with the skin weft / tape hair extensions. These are the answer to my hair woes and make clip-ins look like some embarrassing blast from the past. They feel secure, the colour and texture match is great, and they haven't intruded on my normal (minimal) hair routine. I still use the same shampoo, and apply conditioner to the ends of my hair, just like always. I can blow them dry, straighten and curl and they don't hurt, feel heavy or ever feel like they are going to drop out. They are amazing. Some things to know about skin wefts / tape extensions. There are two installation techniques: sandwich and single, the sandwich is when you get some natural hair and apply a weft either side, thus sandwiching your own hair between them. This is the technique used to add thickness and to also ensure they stay in the longest period of time. It is trickier to do and easier to get wrong. Section only a small section of your natural hair and you will strain it with the weight of two wefts. Section too much and they won't adhere together. The single install is when you just attach one weft to a section of your own hair. I like this the most at the sides and nearer the crown as it really disappears and feels very natural.

About Skin Wefts / Tape Extensions

I did a lot of research about skin wefts before trying them. Everything I read seemed to point at the fact that they would be perfect for me: Very light and undetectable when installed; Ideal for the fine hair brigade as the weft is designed to look like the hair at your scalp; A great alternative to clip ins; Semi-permanent, 1-3 months per installation; Easy enough to intall yourself. The only downside is that they seem hard to come by and whilst they are relatively popular in America, Australia and Scandinavia... basically everywhere in the world, they are not as prevalent in the UK. I did some frantic Googling and found a couple of places that do them in this country but that was about it. However, I didn't give up there. I did some major forum research and watched a lot of YouTube videos to learn the techniques about these extensions, and then I bought my own. Each weft has a tape at the top that you remove to reveal the silicon glue strip. From the front it looks completely natural and like a section of scalp... which sounds disgusting but this is what makes undetectable.

Elllis Faas & Het Loo

I had just a teeny bit of time today, but I wanted to give the Ellis Faas foundation a run. It performed wonderfully. In case anyone is wondering why I ended up with my color, and a darker one... it's in preparation for the summer, when I will undoubtedly tan. Anyways: Face: Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S106; Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger; Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder; Lorac Blush in Ruby Rouge. Eyes: Louise Young Eyeshadow in Ting (lashline to brow); Louise Young Eyeshadow in Maowi (crease); Chanel Eye Pencil in Santal (lashline & waterline); Volume de Chanel Mascara. Lips: NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Het Loo.

About TriVita

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