Skin Weft / Tape Hair Extensions!

It's been over two weeks and I am still in love with the skin weft / tape hair extensions. These are the answer to my hair woes and make clip-ins look like some embarrassing blast from the past. They feel secure, the colour and texture match is great, and they haven't intruded on my normal (minimal) hair routine. I still use the same shampoo, and apply conditioner to the ends of my hair, just like always. I can blow them dry, straighten and curl and they don't hurt, feel heavy or ever feel like they are going to drop out. They are amazing. Some things to know about skin wefts / tape extensions. There are two installation techniques: sandwich and single, the sandwich is when you get some natural hair and apply a weft either side, thus sandwiching your own hair between them. This is the technique used to add thickness and to also ensure they stay in the longest period of time. It is trickier to do and easier to get wrong. Section only a small section of your natural hair and you will strain it with the weight of two wefts. Section too much and they won't adhere together. The single install is when you just attach one weft to a section of your own hair. I like this the most at the sides and nearer the crown as it really disappears and feels very natural.

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