About Skin Wefts / Tape Extensions

I did a lot of research about skin wefts before trying them. Everything I read seemed to point at the fact that they would be perfect for me: Very light and undetectable when installed; Ideal for the fine hair brigade as the weft is designed to look like the hair at your scalp; A great alternative to clip ins; Semi-permanent, 1-3 months per installation; Easy enough to intall yourself. The only downside is that they seem hard to come by and whilst they are relatively popular in America, Australia and Scandinavia... basically everywhere in the world, they are not as prevalent in the UK. I did some frantic Googling and found a couple of places that do them in this country but that was about it. However, I didn't give up there. I did some major forum research and watched a lot of YouTube videos to learn the techniques about these extensions, and then I bought my own. Each weft has a tape at the top that you remove to reveal the silicon glue strip. From the front it looks completely natural and like a section of scalp... which sounds disgusting but this is what makes undetectable.

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