Anatrim Hoodia Review

If Forrest Gump were asked for a comment on Hoodia, it would probably be "Hoodia is as Hoodia does." Hoodia can stand up against the powerful prescription appetite suppressing weight loss drugs such as Acomplia and Meridia without the need for any dilution or additional ingredients. Hoodia is fast becoming the "ingredient" to be associated with as far as manufacturers of diet pills are concerned, simply pop the word Hoodia into the marketing material and efficacy can take a back seat. So what has this got to do with Anatrim? There is a loose association between Hoodia and Anatrim, although the product is devoid of any trace according to the formula. The association is most likely the appetite suppressing qualities supposedly found in the compound. Or, to put it more bluntly there is just as much Hoodia in the Anatrim packaging as contained in the capsules, zero.

What is Anatrim? Never has the phrase Caveat Emptor been so apt. It is on dangerous ground than any review website treads where a product name and the word scam is mentioned in the same sentence. There does not appear to any Anatrim official website (any more), the product seems to be sold exclusively via a third party which means the consumer has no means of contact with the company responsible should any issues arise. The company responsible for Anatrim production is highly suspicious. Anatrim employ a marketing tactic that uses unsolicited emails or spam, highly unprofessional. The company does not appear officially on record and seems to have connection to China and Russia, the product does not have a registered trademark on the name Anatrim, there is also no patent pending. It would be pointless for us list ingredients or continue further. Anatrim should not be purchased however tempting a proposition. If you do recieve an email promoting Anatrim from any source, hit the delete button.