IsaDora - Black Galaxy

When IsaDora launched their latest Christmas collection I knew I just had to get Black Galaxy. Who can resist such a magical nail polish? I for once didn't have anything like it in my collection, I've actually been on the look out for a polish like this and anything that is sparkly makes my heart warm! A black base with prismatic glitter makes this polish look like tiny galaxies in outer space. What I really like about this polish is that the glitter doesn't "vanish" into the black polish, but seem to stay fairly well at the top. The achieve a nice shine I needed to apply two coats of a base coat. You might just need one depending on which brand you use.As always I adore the wide brush as it takes less strokes to pain your nail, might take some practice at first though. Other than that I'm really pleased with this polish, after all it's like outer space in a bottle... what's there not to love about that!