MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

I got this lipstick when purchasing a few last minute gifts for the MAC Cosmetics Starter Kit giveaway. Two for you, one for me and so on... I had heard so many positive things about this and I distinctly remember a comment left by essjay23x on a recent post, where she said that this was a bright colour but one that she felt comfortable wearing - even out of the house. That's always the test isn't it. It's all very well wearing something whilst moping around in your jim-jams indoors, but would you brave the crowds with that face-paint on? I have to say that essjay23 was right - Cyndi is bright yet exceedingly wearable. I find it hard to describe as a shade - MAC have chosen "light reddish coral" which I guess is about right. It's fairly sheer as a lustre, and not really buildable (more layers does not = more brightness) but it's oh, so pretty and glossy. The sheen makes it especially flattering. I thought it might clash with my beloved pink blush (in the photo above its NARS's Penny Lane) but it actually complements nicely to give an all over fresh, glowing look. Amen to that! All in all I am glad I got this. Viva Glam Gaga is the most eye-catching VG - her brand is more current and the colour is a fabulous bubblegum - but don't forget about dear Cyndi! She is just as modern, glossy and easy to wear.

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