Peridot Comparison

Here is a comparison of Chanel Peridot and other polishes from the same color family (gold shifting to green): Sephora "Diving in Malaysia", Classics Metallic "03" and Ozotic Pro "507" (discontinued). Ozotic Pro "507" is definitely out of the game as it's obviously more saturated, yellow and olive colored than the others. The three others are harder to distinguish and close enough to be called dupes. While the differences are obvious watching the bottles, it is not as easy to distinguish them on nails. Indeed, it is very hard to part Sephora "Diving in Malaysia" from "Peridot". Those are basically the same looking polishes except that Chanel formula is a better and Chanel color base is just the slightlest more cool toned (but I swear your neighbor would not notice it unless he's a lacquerhead). Classics Metallic "03" on its side is also a very decent dupe. Certainly more warm toned than "Peridot" but due to the warmer golden base, the green duochrome is almost more obvious, brilliant and working better in my little opinion.

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